RHOSS bases its design philosophy on one fundamental concept: testing the behaviour of its produced machines in all the environmental conditions in which they can be used. A responsible manufacturer must in fact provide designers with correct data regarding its products under all operating conditions, because each air conditioning unit must deliver a specific energy performance that can vary based on geography, building features and use requirements.

With its testing rooms, Rhoss’s R&D Lab provides its customers with a series of guarantees that are necessary for a conscious design:

  • Guarantee of performance under the design conditions, which are usually different than Eurovent nominal conditions.
  • Guarantee of efficiency at full load (EER, COP) or at partial loads (ESEER).
  • Guarantee of continuous operation, especially under the most critical operating conditions.
  • Simply think of severe climates where the ambient air can exceed 50 °C or go down below–15 °C.
  • The possibility for the design or end customer to carry out customised tests.

Therefore, Rhoss is able to offer products designed for large and small capacity systems, guaranteeing that all the components used are integrated together, with a perfect control logic. This result can only be obtained in laboratories such as Rhoss’s R&D Lab, that is, in a complex, technically advanced structure that most other manufacturers today do not have.