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Who We Are

Cross Technical Solutions is an Irish company Specialising in the design, Installation, Service and Maintenance of Specialist Refrigeration systems. Established with the Pharmaceutical Industry and specialist refrigeration fields in mind we can provide a complete ‘Turn-Key’ package using in-house engineers and the latest design and drawing packages. Cross Technical Solutions was established in 2001 to focus on and specialise in Non Standard Refrigeration packages and provide the solutions and support structure that these unique environments require. To date we have provided the most advanced Package Solutions to meet the needs of companies within the sphere of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Specialist Food Storage and the Electronics Industries.

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Cross Technical Solutions offer a wide variety of services to our clients that include:

  • Site evaluation and system recommendation.
  • System Design and development of ‘Tailor-made’ solutions to special applications.
  • Project managment of installation.
  • Co-ordination of commissioning and project hand over.
  • Temperature Mapping.
  • Probe and System Calibration.
  • CFD Analysis of new and existing systems.
  • Monitoring of running costs and overall system maintenance.
  • Long Term Training and CPD facilities for all supplied equipment and client processes.